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Kevin Holdgate

Welcome to KPHMS 
(Kevin Paul Holdgate Music Services)

Welcome to my website. I have established this to support all of my musical activities, conducting, performing, composing and arranging.

You will find details of KPHMS examination syllabuses, and award schemes. I have become increasingly concerned over the past few years that the cost of taking formal music examinations has increased disproportionately. The stated aim of KPHMS Examinations is to significantly reduce these costs. Not only with the exam fees, but also by allowing candidates to perform any piece from any other syllabus limit the amount of music that needs to be purchased.

There are links to groups and bands that I perform with or conduct on a regular basis.

There are links to my teaching activities. If you are one of my pupils or a parent/carer you will find important information here. You can also contact me through this part of my website

I use my website to promote my own music publications. This includes music for brass band, brass quintet/octet and Ten-piece ensemble, wind ensemble, and various other musical combinations. There is also a library of teaching materials that I use.

In my shop you will find most of the music contained on the KPHMS examinations syllabuses. There is also popular music from leading music publishers for individual study, full brass band, wind band and various other ensembles, including music for youth.

I hope you will find something of interest on my site. If you have any suggestions to improve the site please let me know.