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KPHMS Music Examinations as at January 2017

Over the last few years I have had numerous conversations with teaching colleagues around ‘Grade’ examinations. These conversations have generally been centred on things such as their relevance, lack of flexibility, but above all else the rising costs associated with taking the examinations.

Taking this as my starting point in July 2013 I decided to run my own set of examinations purely for my own students taking Grades 1 to 5.

After almost three full years of successful trials I am now able to open this out to other teachers as an option for their students.


KPHMS Examinations aim to be as flexible as possible.


The music played in KPHMS examinations can be from the ABRSM, Trinity Guildhall or a mixture of the two syllabuses. The only stipulation is that the pieces played must be on the syllabus for the chosen instrument, at the chosen grade.


KPHMS can provide an accompanist within the cost of the examinations. Or if preferred a candidate can provide their own accompanist (at their own expense). Or they can play with a good quality CD accompaniment.


There is NO aural element in the KPHMS examination structure. In my experience this is the least popular section of the ABRSM/Trinity examination structure. As teachers we are aware of this yet and yet put our pupils through it.

In my experience Grade 1 aural does not prepare a student for grade 2. So why put them through it?

Sight Reading

Sight reading tests are part of KPHMS examinations because this is a vital skill for all pupils. The sight reading used is appropriate for the grade and is in line with ABRSM/Trinity

requirements. Therefore the existing example sight reading test books available from the exam boards are sufficient preparation.

Scales or Alternative Tests

Candidates can choose to play scales from memory or the Trinity alternative pieces for the appropriate grade whichever is preferred.


It is not permitted to mix the two elements.

Examiners Remarks

The examiners mark sheets are always issued to the examination officer at the end of the session and can be immediately released to the candidates.


The Certificates are issued within 2 weeks of the examination date.


If a teacher wishes to appeal against an examination result they can ring me personally to discuss this. I will aim to deal with the appeal within 48 hours.


The basic cost of the examinations are as follows:

Grade 1 £20

Grade 2 £25

Grade 3 £27.50

Grade 4 £30

Grade 5 £35

These prices assume an examination will take place within a 50 mile radius of our location in Derbyshire. If the location is outside of this area please contact me personally for a quotation.